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Happy New Years everyone! ^__^ I hope you guys all had a lovely time with your loved ones.  Believe it or not, this is my first time making New Year resolutions. >.< I've never made any before, simply because 1) I know that its very unlikely that i'll stick to them - its not easy for people change.
2) I personally think that you don't need to wait until New Years to make resolutions; if you were committed to make a change and determined to do so with your will power, then you would do it anytime of the year. (Ironically saying this, as I write new year resolutions myself lol #hypocrite) Anyway let's begin! ^^

1) Stop being lazy/procrastinating all the time - Queen of procrastination right here (oops)! This probably my most undesirable trait, that I wish to improve on. So I am going to challenge myself to stay focus on my work, as its going to be significant (most likely mundane too) year. xD 

2) Drink 8 cups of water everyday - I'm terribly forgetful. So i'm on/off with this - theres periods were do manage to drink 8 cups everyday, others I drink little. >.< It would also be nice for me to introduce a smoothie into my every diet, to increase my nutrient intake. 

3) Manage my time properly - guilty of horrible time management skills, seriously I have the skills of a carrot, maybe potato. I always end up doing my work last minute ;__: (due to procrastination and my love for extra sleep ahha) so I think I would benefit greatly if I learn to stick to schedules /timetables properly. *fingers-crossed* no future employer somewhat happens to see this! xDD

4) Stay happy and positive! - I believe that being happy is the most important aspect of life and something that everyone deserves. ^_^ The overwhelming pressure and responsibility of daily life, can sometimes make you forget. I hope to write a post on happiness one day. ^^

Have you made any resolutions this year? Tell me below or link me your post~ I would love to read them :')


  1. Good luck on your resolutions!! :)
    I don't have any so I can avoid disappointment if I don't do anything about it. xD
    But if I wrote something down then maybe I could force myself into doing it

    1. Thank you ^__^ haha thats the whole reason I wrote mine xDD

  2. Good luck! :) You will be successful! Just believe in yourself and keep trying! :) You will get your willpower!
    Love, Jenny~

  3. happy new year, and i'm a new follower here ^-^

  4. Hi Doll!!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! Of course we can follow each other! I am now following you too! #140! Please follow me back!


  5. Good luck on ur new resolutions !Thanks for ur comment on my blog..
    FOLLOWING u back :)