Birthday Wishlist 2015~

February 16, 2015

Apologies for the lack of post this month! >.< My schedule has been ridiculously packed but i'm getting back on the blogging grind - some reviews are on the way~ I've also recorded a few videos, just need to edit them. ^__^ Anyway i'm turning 18 in 9 day! So in all blogging traditions, here is my birthday wish list:

1) NARS Laguna Bronzer

Photo Cr:
2) Jo Malone Perfume - English Pear & Fressia or Blackberry & Bay

3) Jo Malone Candles

4) Soul by Ludacris Earphones

5) GUNNAR Optiks Gaming Eyewear <33333

I've noticed my wish-lists tend to include more technology stuff every year~ xD
What items are on your wish list this year or just in general? :')

Have a good day~ ^__^

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  1. nice post dear

  2. I've heard that those Jo Malone candles smell amaaaazing! Way above my price limit though :(

    1. I smelt them in stores and my god they are sheer magic! ^^ Ahh the price sucks >.<

  3. Happy birthday in advance dear! I always look forward to celebrating my birthdays. smile
    New blog post

  4. ooo I want that bronzer too! i know nothing about the other things on your wishlist though xD
    Happy early birthday!! :D haha hope you have a good one!

    1. Woo high5! hahaha xDD Thank you so much! ^__^ <3