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"The Versatile Blogger award is given to bloggers, who are popular for their good quality style and uniqueness of their blogs.Thank you Rae Megan (Siren Seven) and Kasumi (Hey Kasumi) for nominating me! ^^ Majorrr overdue post, literally one year later. But its here now! ><

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 10 facts about you
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10 Facts About Yours Truly: 
I'm so bad at thinking of facts about myself! Trying really hard to think of something different to the ones i've already written on the Liebster Award >< Seriously writing facts about yourself is much harder than you think! Here we go~

1) I am a ambivert. Majority of introverts like to go round stating that they're introverted so hellooooooo here's to me telling everyone too, I am a ambivert~ Best of both worlds~ ^.<

2) My MBTI Personality is ENTP, so yas even though I am a ambivert I am lenient towards extrovertism. I loveeeeeee socialising but not necessary liking people. xD 

3) I feel awkward AFFF whenever people tell me they've watched my Youtube videos in person, I dunno why, probably because I don't expect people to actually watch it? But it's so nice knowing people actually do/like it~ :') Please support and subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven't already! <3

4) I am currently obsessed (and have been obsessed since November xD) with playing Pokemon Shuffle, it's a game available on DS and mobile. Like gurllllll if it wasn't for restricted lives, I would be spending my whole like playing that game. Butttt I spend my life waiting for a life to regenerate so I can play more anyway ehhh much lame much loser. Deffo recommend the game ^^

5) I'M GOING TO AUSTRALIA IN 3 DAYS! Holy crapppppp, I can't wait~ going to try vlog it with my noobie skills hueeeee

6) I'm fully Chinese (cantonese~) butttttt people on social media seem to think otherwise ._____. My surname is a massive giveaway! xDD

7) I'M ACTUALLY SHORT AF IRL. I look taller in my majority of pictures but i'm actually 163cm/ 5"3. xD The photo below (not the best photo to use but) shows my true height better~

8) I'm not much of a writer but I like blogging~ :') English was my least favourite and worst subject back in high school. I prefer express myself through imagery and art.

9) This year alone, I have broken and had my iPhone screen replaced 3 times!!! I could have got myself a new phone. >< If any companies want people to test and break their phones, hit me uppp because breaking electronics is like my full time job. WHY AM I SO CLUMSY? T__T

10) #TeamApple; Sorry i've never been a fan of android (apart from Samsung Note because it was the  first big phone to release). 

Hope you guys enjoyed my facts! I nominate:

Denise - eggbunny
Gabrielle - blog-de-la-licorne
and anyone thats wants to write some facts about themself! xD


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  2. Omg your phone!!!!!! Gurl, you need to get a heavy duty case for it so it doesn't break hehe. Also looking forward to your Australia vlog ~ ♥
    Thanks for nominating me ♥

    1. i knowwwwww, im so clumsy >< i got a protective case for my new screen now dw ^.<
      Thank you and you deserve it <3

  3. One year later, but better late than never! I never knew there was a term for those in between introvert and extrovert. I'm "supposedly" an INFJ, but I have a hard time believing I'm destined to change the world someday haha. And Australia sounds amazing! I can't wait to read/watch your adventures. I haven't been outside of the US for such a long time, so I'm super jealous that you'll be visiting Australia! I can live vicariously through you :D and omg, I'm a 1/4 of an inch shorter than 5'3, so I totally understand short people probs. Unfortunately for me, my torso is longer than my legs, so I really do look short ;(

    Thanks for the nomination :) I also have such a hard time talking and writing facts about myself, I tend to be the "learn more about me as we go" type of person.

    1. Exactly! xDD wahhhh you special child you have the rarest MBTI :')
      Thank you~
      I still need to visit the US one day, its definitely on my travel list~
      Your welcome~ sameeee i spent quite some time thinking of these facts xD looking at other blogger's facts help ^.<