Barbas & Zacári Timepiece Watches

August 05, 2016

Hey lovelies~ I have teamed up with Barbas and Zacári, which is a minimalist style watch brand based in Melbourne, Australia to give you guys some discounts! :') You can use my code "MISHCHEUNGX" to get 15% off your total purchase and free shipping at 💕

My main reason for teaming up with them is that when purchase is made, from every sale $5 gets donated to Cancer Research Australia. I think it's such a good idea, it shows what causes the company cares about and customers can purchase whilst helping others. ^^ (Of you can donate directly to Cancer Research yourself.)

They also currently released a new collection with mesh metals straps and omg I adore them even more than the original leather straps! My favourite one is Dawn. Look at this beauty~

Have you guys heard of Barbas & Zacári before? Or what is your favourite watch brand? ^^
Let me know in the comments below <3

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  1. Beautiful watcg:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. really cute watch! I've never heard of them before but after seeing this i'll definitely check them out :)