Hello I'm Michelle Cheung, nice to meet you. ^__^

I'm based in Birmingham, UK~ 

Who am I?

I'm a British Born Chinese blogger from Birmingham, UK. 

A normal person, like you. I am not anything special but I work hard so that I can improve myself, learn more about my passions and hopefully pursue a career in them. I have a drive for art, computing and korean beauty and fashion. Blogging is a little door I opened up to learn and explore those areas more. Since I love Korean beauty and fashion, I mainly blog about Korean products, Kpop makeup tutorials, Kpop diets, inspired outfits etc.

I am a arty and creative person, so you'll get a art post here and there, of some art pieces I like. I also post pretty art videos on my Youtube channel: MishCheungXo ^.^

What do I like?

FOOODDDD! Who doesn't love food? xDD

But talking beauty and fashion wise then lippies! Its my most recent addiction ever since I watched the Kdrama - You Who Came From The Stars.  Like many girls, I was also one them got influenced by Jun Gianna's lipsticks throughout that drama. 

Fashion wise; I go for a edgy look or bold/colourful look. I don't really have a fashion icon, I just get inspired by outfits I see in Kpop MVs, Kdramas, Variety shows etc. But now that my college has a formal dress code policy, Jessica, Krystal and Hyuna are my fashion influence for a sleek and smart look. ^^

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