League of Legends Red Card Katarina - 2016 || Youtube

 League of Legends Yasuo - 2015 || Youtube

 League of Legends Miss Fortune Painting - 2013 || Youtube || Process Photos

Park Bom Painting - 2013 || Youtube

Tattoo Painting inspired by Jeff Musser - 2013

A2 art piece - 2014

A headpiece inspired by Ancient Greek gold jewellery, made with jewellery designer Bonnie Styles - 2012

Random Freestyle Biro Doodle - 2012


  1. I really love your painting cute blog too

  2. OMG Amazing~!! your so talented ^^ I love your paintings so much my fav has to be the park bom one since she's one of my biases xD I can't believe I just recently descovered your blog dofly gonna follow since I love kpop too and I love well basicly everything about your blog is awesome can't wait to read moree...

    Sindii xx

  3. oh my god so good, the queen of painting