Hello~ Its been a while and I have a new hair colour again~ >.< My hair colour addiction is definitely on the rise again! xDD 

Lately i've been obsessing over pink hair again, as G.E.M (鄧紫棋) not long ago dyed her hair pink. Of course when you mention pink hair, Krystal's hair is never far away. 

However I dip dyed mine pink, instead of dying my full head since I don't finish school until mid July, so going full pink is not a good idea. 

To start off - I bleached my hair with 30 volume developer and left it on for 30 minutes. The result was a bright orange since I have red hair. The photos below show you the results in indoor lighting and in sunlight. The bleach left my hair quite dry as I have bleached it several times in the past, so I left it orange for the week, to condition it and because I did not have time to dye it. 

During my orange hair week, my friends started giving me ginger nicknames. Thank you guys. T^T </3 

Left Photo - Indoor Lighting
Right Photo - Sunlight

I applied the dye and left it on for 1 hour. I did not dilute the dye as I wanted the optimum vibrancy of the dye to come out so that my orange hair gets covered. 


The colour is still very vibrant in indoors night-time lightning.

I loveeeeeee the results, its so bright! *_* I is a very happy girl! ^__^

So are any of you guys trying out a new colour for summer? ^__^

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