A own bit too much nail polishes but this shade was too gorgeous and unique not to purchase! (Plus i'm a sucker for anything pastel~) 851 Novelle Vague is a cool toned lilac grey colour. The photo doesn't really do the polish much justice, the lilac is more subtle and toned down in real life, its like a white with a hue of colour (photos below show the colour better ^^).

The polish dries very quick. Here I am wearing 2 coats; the first coat will appear streaky and uneven, the second coat covers and takes care of that resulting in a solid opaque finish. I believe this is the lightest lilac and colour I own (excluding white). I don't usually got for light polishes as I think it looks odd against my slightly tanned hands. But this shade is gorgeous and looks lovely!

 Direct sunlight

Dimmed indoor lighting

The dimmed indoor lighting shows the true colour~ The bottle is adorable, it comes with a flat brush that makes application easier. The size of it is great for traveling, but the price for only 5ml of product is ehhh. Overall a good polish and loving the pastels from the Les Blancs collection. Thinking of picking up a few more colours hue~


  1. Oooo such a pretty colour!! I really love pastel shades for nails!
    I never care about the season when it comes to beauty stuff haha, i just go with the flow. Like how i go light during winter and dark during summer when everyone else is doing the opposite wtf lol

    1. high5! Like this summer I was wearing all black and white, while everyone else was all colourful xD

  2. Beautiful nail polish, I really like the color. I'm your new follower # 319 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^


  3. Such a pretty color

    Love Vikee