Finally finished the second term of uni and back in Birmingham, UK I am so ofc I had to do some shopping. ^.< I picked up this liquid green concealer from KIKO, as I find cream concealers crease and wear off easily. Can't have my makeup wearing off, otherwise i'm going to look like a tomato and that's a no no! Dx 

There are 7 shades available. The tube comes with 3.8ml of product, which is not a lot. I use a hella lot of concealer so this will not last long for me at all. But if you like trying out concealers or don't usually finish them then this would be good for you.

It has a light to medium coverage, I do wish there was more coverage. The concealer blends easily but is not buildable as it will get cakey. It does cancel out redness decently, great for covering redness and spots whilst giving a brightened matte finish. An average concealer, I don't hate or love it. If you want concealer that brightens and offers a radiant finish then this is for you, if you want high coverage then no. 

Rating: 5/10


  1. Great review Michelle, have a great week

  2. I feel like a stalker rn smh leaving comment after comment *ahhem but I just feel like I missed on a ton of your blogentries and I really enjoy reading your blog xD
    I was actually thinking recently of getting a green-ish concealer, but then again, I don't have many red spots in my face that would need some green-ish to be covered, so when I tried it on my hand it ended up looking like smh alien-skin with a green-ish shimmer xD so I guess definitely nothing for me x'D
    But it's really good that you posted the review even though it's not really what you were looking for :)

    xoxo, Merce

    1. ah its fine, I love reading your comments! ^__^
      hahah yes green will love a bit off and lifeless if theres no redness underneath
      Thanks for reading! ^^