No Pain No Gain

April 12, 2016

Photo from because girl ain't putting her boobs all up in the camera xD

Quick outfit post~ I'm very very picky when it comes to sports bras but I absolutely adore this one from NewChic! It's currently my favourite as the design is simple yet sexy and the quality is highly well made. The bra is very supportive when exercising even during extreme workouts due it being shockproof. It's available in 8 different colour~ I choose the grey one as the front zipper contrasts with the bra giving it that edgy look.

Lastly~ don't fprget you can use my discount coupon code "20off1574" to get 20% off everything during checkout when you purchase from

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Manuka Life 
Sport Bra: NewChic (*sponsored) - Link
Shorts: Boohoo - Link

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