Admittedly, I have draws overflowing with makeup. This year I've started off with a minimalist makeup collection and... now half my desk has makeup laying around. It gives me anxiety knowing that this is only the makeup I have at my university dorm, when I merge the collection with the rest of my makeup at home, it's going to be VERY overwhelming! Consumerism is a first world problem.

I want to start focusing on using up my makeup to make the most out of my money and to free up some space, rather than constantly purchasing new products because of all the social media hype. Which brings up the question - how long does it take to use up makeup? I personally couldn't find a post or article containing everything I wanted to know, so I thought i'd share all the information I've found here with you guys! :) It's useful to know if you plan on doing/ already are doing a Project Pan. Or simply want to use up your makeup before it expires. They usually expires after 6 to 24 months, but I know most people tend to keep using products until they go funky - colour change, weird smell etc.

Enough rambling, let's start!

► Face Products

Primer - 3 Months. 100 Uses Per 10ml

Based on Benefit POREfessional Primer. The standard size for POREfessional contains 22ml of product, which has 110 uses. IF you were to use a pea sized amount each time. Benefit's primer has a slightly thick texture. Where as, say the Makeup Forever Primer Bases are runny. You would also use more product in that case. If you were to use it everyday it would take 3/4 months to finish. 

Concealer - 4/5 Months. 150 Uses Per 10ml

Based on LancĂ´me Teint Idole Ultra Camo Concealer 10ml. Again if you were to use a pea sized amount. Concealer and foundation uses will vary depend on the texture and coverage. If it is high coverage or thick, you may use less. If it has medium converge or is runny then you may use more. If you were to use it everyday it would take 4/5 months to finish. Potentially 6, if you don't use much, but girlll I am covering like half of my face thank you.  

Foundation - 3 Months. 50 - 60 Pumps Per 10ml

Based on two different foundations. Fenty Beauty Pro Filter has 180 pumps for 30ml. Rimmel London's Foundation only had 20ml usable product because the pump couldnt reach the end product, it managed to pump out 100 times for 20ml. I tend to use 2-3 pumps per application, so it would roughly last 3 months. 

Blush (Powder) - 1 Year+. 100+ Uses Per 1.5gram

Blushes are one of those products that seem never ending! I couldn't find any information for blushes but assuming if you were to use a fair amount of blush - 0.015 grams, you would get 100 uses. However, for blushes it varies due to how much you use (I go quite light handed), how you apply it and the pigmentation of it. MAC blushes weight 6 grams, 400 uses could last you 1 to 2 years. If you had a travel sized 1.5 gram blush like Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, it would take you approximately 3 to 5 months. 

Highlighter (Powder) - 1 Year+. 90-100 Brush Swatches Per 1 gram

Based on Jeffree Star Skin Frost, which weights 15 grams. Beauty News did brush swatches of it and managed to get fricking 1260 swatches! Keep in mind they went heavy handed and how pigmented the Skin Frost highlight is so you could definitely get more uses out of it or assume the swatches were for application of both cheeks. Highlighter finishes up quicker than blush because the powder is looser. 

► Eye Products

Eyeshadow - 3/4 Months. 120 Uses Per 1 gram

Makeup Box tested how many eye shadow application, she included loose pigments as well. She went generous with the application, enough to cover two lids. She worked out you can get 120 applications per gram. You would definitely get more uses as most people won't only apply one colour all over the lid. It's also depends on the pigmentation, shadow texture and how densely its packed. It takes so long to finish a single colour, no wonder why my palettes seem untouched. 

Mascara - 6 Months To 1 Year Per Tube

I wasn't going to mention mascara since it's one of those products that is recommended to be changed every 3 months or it simply dries out before you even finish it. Makeup hack, simply add a drop or two of eye drops to make it last longer. Mascaras have a lot of product and it depends on how many coats you apply, but it can last up to good a year of use!

► Lip Products

Lipstick - 3 Months. 300 Swipes Per Tube

For lipstick this applies to both traditional tube lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. On average you'll use 2 to 3 swipes, which would last for around 3 months if you were to it use everyday. If you did touch ups through out the day, then it would be even quicker.


Liquid products will take a good 3+ months and powdered products can take 6 months to 1 year, if you were to use them everyday. Being realistic, I don't wear makeup everyday, maybe 3-4 days a week, so it would take me twice the amount of time. I probably have enough makeup to last me until i'm like 60 or for my entire life time, I really need to work harder to finish them and be more cautious the next time I think of purchasing a new product! Do I really need it?

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