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March 14, 2018

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If I was only allowed to bring one skincare item to a desert island, it would be a good cleansing balm or cleansing oil. It does everything you need - it cleanses away heavy makeup and hydrates your skin for that dewy glow. Perfect for my low maintenance lovelies. Here today I have a Korean Beauty cult favourite, it's one of the best selling cleansers. I took it with me when I was travelling Malta is to test this baby out.

There is 4 variation of the cleansing balm, each is tailored for a different skin type. (The 4th pink one is missing from the picture above) I went for the green one - Resveratrol because I have combination skin that can sometimes get super oily. It's formulated with natural oils, fruit extracts and herbal extract for gentle cleansing.

It comes with 100ml of product in a hugeee ass tub, the packaging is not travel-friendly. I highly recommend you to transfer some into a small container, it was so troublesome getting this past airport security, they thought it went over the 100ml liquid limit because of the tub's size.  

Comes with a spatula so that you can easily cut into the balm and scoop out some product. The balm actually has a light green tint (which you can't really see in the picture thanks to terrible hotel lighting) and it smells a little like a melon.

It has a sherbert-like texture that melts into an oil when you massage it into your face. The oil becomes milky when you add water to it to rinse it off. I love massaging my face with this, it feels soooo nice! A little goes a long way, so a tub will last you for ages. I also use this as my eye and lip makeup remover because I'm too lazy to use 2 separate products just to remove my makeup. It does a good job, it even melts away my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Be careful not to get it inside your eyes though, it doesn't sting but it makes your vision blurry.

- Gentle to the skin
- Does an amazing job melting all traces of makeup
- Easy to rinse off and doesn't leave any oily residue
- Great for massaging your face with
- Leaves face feeling super clean and moisturised after
- Didn't break me out

- Packaging is bulky, would be great if they did a smaller travel size

Overall it's a really good cleansing balm and I can see why everyone loves it! My lazy ass loves this because I can carry fewer products with me. My skin feels super clean and really supple every time I use it. I really appreciate it doesn't leave any greasy residue behind, some cleansing oils do and it breaks me out!

Have you tried anything from Banila's Clean It Zero series?

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