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Silver is the one colour I have a love-hate relationship with, I don't think I've ever managed to have silver hair longer than one month because it gets brassy so quickly!

I've already dyed my hair before with Schwarzkopf's Metallic Silver when it first launched onto the market. I decided to test it out again because the first time I used it, the silver had a blue tint to it, so I want to make sure I didn't a get a faulty or off dye before I blog it. In the picture above you can see the old and new packaging together, the dye's formula is still the same.

Product Info:

The box contains everything in a standard box dye:

  • Developer
  • Colour cream
  • After Treatment
  • Instruction Leaflet + Gloves


To use the dye, I simply mixed the developer and colour cream together, then applied the mixture onto clean dry hair for 25 minutes and rinsed it off.

Results: Hair Before Dying

My hair was already bleached platinum blonde, so it's the perfect clean canvas for silver.

Hair After Dying

The colour looks amazing in pictures, it comes off as a neutral silvery-white like the model on the box. However, the colour in real life doesn't match the box 100%. In person, the silver has a blue tint to it, which is very unflattering against my yellow undertone skin. I have to wear a lighter foundation to pull the colour off. The blue does fade after a few washes so you get a nice white silver. After a few more washes, brassiness starts to peak through and makes my hair look greenish! :(

My boyfriend wanted silver hair as well, so I dyed his hair with the leftover silver. He also noticed the blue tint and didn't like the colour until it faded to a neutral silver. Again the colour looks good in pictures though.

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If you've read any of my Schwarzkopf dye reviews before you would know I have rateded majority of them pretty positively. The Metallic Silver dye sadly has to be to worst dye I've tried from Schwarzkopf so far. I wish I wasn't so busy with work so that I would have the time to record a video to show you guys the results better. 

The colour fades fast, there's not much shine (like it advertised) and the silver has a blue undertone. The dye doesn't damage your hair so kudos to that. I think I'm disappointed because I've haven't experienced weird blue tints and fading to greenish blondes with silver dyes before. You can see what I talking about in this picture. 

It happened to both of us, so it's definitely the dye. So sadly I'm going to give this dye a low rating and personally will not recommend it. 

Rating: 1.5/5

Have you ever had any weird or disappointing experiences with silver dyes?


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