During my Hong Kong vacay I met up with my good old friend Ernest. It was supposed to be a casual chill and catch-up but we ended up doing a spontaneous photoshoot when exploring Tsim Sha Tsui. Dammit, I would have made myself look more presentable and extra if I knew in advance! I'm still not comfortable with someone else taking my pictures yet since I'm so used to taking them on my own. No one knows you better than yourself right? Like I know my own angles, poses and settings. Trying different poses definitely did push me out of my comfort zone. I can see that in the photos because I look awkward and i'm not giving off them yasss bitchhh you slaying kinda vibes lol. Ahhh I need to practice more and be more confident! ><

If you like the outcome of the photos, you can check out more of Ernest's photography on his Viewbug. I promise his work is amazing, especially the scenery ones! ^^

Have you ever done a photoshoot? How do you feel about them? :')

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