If you've been following for my blog a while, you would know it has been called MishCheungX for 5 years+. I'm finally changing it to Michelle Cheungg.

From www.mishcheungx.com to www.michellecheungg.com - I decided to take the plunge and change it, knowing that it would affect by traffic DRASTICALLY for a good while (cries). I wasn't happy with the username I came up with when I was 15, is anyone ever happy with their teenager name? Whenever I went to blogging and network events, people would think my blog was "Miss" and not "Mish", so it was difficult for people to note down and it was always easily mistaken. :(

Before I shortened my name to Mish, but now I'm keeping it and I'm making my surname longer. There's an extra g at the end because Michelle Cheung is such a common Asian name that someone else has taken it! Also because michellecheung.com cost £1350+ lmaoooo, sorry I'm too broke to be paying that amount just for an URL. So in a way, I was forced to put the extra g or extra something!

I hope you guys will keep reading my blog (share it would your friends, family, your next door neighbour, your cat, I'm kidding but I'm not kidding)! It's still going to be the same and I want to go hardcore on it to bring you guys good content again, as I know I wasn't updating it this year sadly because of how hectic my last year of university was. BUT IM BACK, BACK AGAIN. (AND BETTER THAN EVERRR).

Here's to a new chapter of my blog and to welcome new beginning! <3 *cheers*

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