Kiehl's £38
Out of all of the overpriced Kiehl's products that I've tried, I feel like this one is worth the price tag! It’s started snowing and hailing in the UK, my face and hands have dried out like no tomorrow this winter! I need more intensive products to stop my skin from flaking, snowflakes are cute but I can’t say the same for flakey skin. 😬

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a facial oil so massaging a few drops in your skin after cleansing it, is enough for the product to start working its wonders. It can be worn alone or with moisturiser, I like to use it with moisturiser because my skin is thirsty for that hydration. I tend to use it at night time, it contains lavender oil so the scent is very calming and helps me to sleep in a breeze! Sometimes I’ll mix it with my foundation for a dewy finish.

I definitely recommend this as it makes your skin baby soft, plumped and radiant. The skin absorbs it nicely, it doesn’t leave any residue. Goodbye dry skin! I’d rate it 8/10, the only con is the price tag, I could be buying a month's worth of McDonald’s burgers!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review! Until next time~

Michelle xo


  1. hope you get to try it one day or get a sample from their counter, its really good! ^^

  2. Really loved reading your article. It really inspires me. I am definitely subscribing to your newsletter.