There's no doubt that you've come across an orange starred Local Guide badge before on Google reviews. I was curious when I saw "Local Guide" - what does a local guide actually do and how do I get a badge next to my name too? Not going to lie, at first I wanted the badge purely for vanity purposes since I write Instagram reviews around Birmingham but now I'm semi addicted to writing reviews again!

The Local Guide programme gives recognition for those that share their reviews, photos and knowledge on Google Maps. You only unlock the badge once you've reached level 4. Local Guides do not get paid by Google itself. However, there are some brands that pay people to write reviews for their Google Business page in an attempt to boost their search rankings. 

Guides can get unlock perks for their contribution - perks included early access to Google features and Google partners. When I was searching for what perks do Local Guides get - apparently, a lot of the perks have dropped over the last few years since it was costing Google so much. Not surprising when there are now over 50 million local guides, so I thought it would be helpful to create an updated perk list for 2020.

In this post, I'll update it whenever I unlock a new perk or benefit (sadly, it's not a holiday to Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I just needed a travel guided looking pic for this post okay). 

► Level 4 - Free Custom Postcard

The postcard perk lasts for 1 month, mine expired by the time I decided who I would like to send one to haha. Who even sends postcards nowadays?

I think this one could possibly be a random perk since I got it in December and it expired on the 31st. Google probably thought it would be a cool perk for the holiday season. If it's not a randomly perk, please correct me in the comments.

► Level 5 - Socks

HOW CUTE ARE THESE??? I hope there's going to be more merch like this. 😍

I'm still waiting for the socks to arrive - it'll take roughly 6-8 weeks. But when they finally do arrive, I'm going to spam cute photos of them and wear them to restaurants to them know what's up! I'm kidding, I won't wear them out but they are much appreciated to keep my feet warm through this horrible winter.

Update: The long-awaited socks in the flesh. 

► Level 6 - Local Guide Special Edition Pin Badge

I don't think you need to reach a specific level to receive the pin; it's more of a thank you for contributing to Maps over time. 

Oops, haven't reached the next level/perk yet...

But be sure to check back as I updated as I level up and receive more perks 😅.


If you're thinking of becoming a Local Guide purely for the perks, from what I've read on the internet it's not worth it. It requires a lot of time and you won't receive anything high in value. It's purely for helping others, enjoy sharing your experiences/stories and photography. 

Until then the next update, you can follow my adventures on Instagram @michellecheungg.


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