Though we're all staying at home as much as possible, it doesn't mean you can't spice up your outfit with a little something special... Even if that outfit is your pyjamas that you've worn for three days in a row.

In the age of Zoom calls and waist-up dressing, jewellery can really jazz up your look and draw attention to your face. Jewellery has been overlooked for the larger part of 2020, but it's still extremely exciting to watch runway shows and get a head start on what trends to expect for 2021. 

Do you remember the era of Pandora charms? We've evolved a long way since then. There are few new themes but for the most part, popular styles such as link chains, hoops, statements rings and many more are back on the catwalk. Trends come and go but the same timeless classics remain from year to year. Keep reading to find out the most prevalent, upcoming jewellery trends and styles that will be dominating 2021's fashion scene.


Among the statement pieces that will make a comeback in 2021 are chain necklaces, most of which will be chunky. Thick chain aren't going anywhere. We've already seen gold chains creep back into our Instagram feeds thanks to the Dior Danseuse √Čtoile Choker. 

Most outfits elevate into a different look when accompanied by a bold chain. The colour isn’t much of a factor here - bronze, silver and gold chain accessories will raise the ante on any outfit it accompanies and give an aesthetic that is rebellious.

To style a chunky chain necklace, opt for a roll neck without prints and is ideally one colour. You can never go wrong with a black or white turtleneck. For the lower body, go for trousers which will give an athleisure vibe. If you prefer to display your femininity, accompany dainty chains with heels and a dress.

To ensure you’re on top of the game - let the chain do the talking and be the statement. Wear one solo or stack them up but don't pair it with other jewellery pieces as it will takeaway the chain's limelight.


It is precedent that young women will take a toll on adorning their outfits with vintage touches. Vintage pieces are associated with character and charm - this attribute makes the owners feel special. 

In jewellery trade terms, 'vintage' describes a piece that was made between 50 and 100 years ago, but don't worry if you can't get your hands on an actual vintage. Many jewellery designs that you see today were inspired by history. There are plenty of styles to choose from - Art Deco, Victorian, Renaissance and even Belle Epoque.

Jewellery is an excellent way of adding a touch of vintage to an outfit. Some of the vintage pieces that will make their debut in the styling world in 2021 include link style bracelets. These kind of bracelets allow the wearer to bring out a classic look in their outfit but in a low key manner. 

A link gold bracelet, for instance, can be paired with a pair of detailed rings, unique ring for engagement, short gold chains or a watch. Gold is an outstanding colour well known for its resemblance with vintage pieces. 

If you can't get enough of vintage treasures, large brooch style pins and clip on style floral earrings are perfect additional pieces.

Sterling Silver

The fine delicate sterling silver will also be back in 2021 for both its classic look and subtle nature. It will be redesigned in a way that reflects jewellery worn in the past few years but with a modern twist of vintage.

There are various wholesalers specialising in all silver jewellery such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and silver rings. If you are on the hunt for an eye catching sliver piece with a pop of colour, opt for pendant earrings or necklaces. Most of these feature a cubic or crystal zirconia style stone. Cubic and crystal zirconia are said to be the next 'it' stone. They can be made into any cut or colour and they're sustainable. 

If you are someone who prefers one type of jewellery for daily wear, a pair of tiny silver teardrop style earrings might be what you're looking for bring out the vintage accessory look. However, if you're more of a necklace person, there are many options for you ranging from a pendant drop with jewel features to a fine lariat style.

Moonstone pieces

Gemstones have been highlighted in the fashion world for a long period now, but in 2021, they will gain a lot of popularity. Among the gemstones that have meaning to enthusiasts, is Moonstone. The gemstone has been a favourite for many in June and it has been revered all through history. This piece of jewellery depicts happiness, hope and peace.

Among those who are for these pieces, are women. They are incorporating these jewellery pieces in their jewellery boxes with an aim to bring in positive energy and to enhance their pride. In 2021, the moonstone pieces will be made of white coloured gem and they will be worn as moonstone rings, earrings and pendants.

Statement rings

Layering rings has been a stylish trend especially in summer 2020 and this look will gain even more popularity in 2021. However, what will stand out are chunky and jumbo statement rings. 

Unlike what we are used to wearing at most two chunky rings in different fingers - the rings will be worn with even more than two in each finger. The rings will be made of either plastic, metal or resin and the trend will be mixing the different materials to bring a clashing and bold look.

The cool and edgy trend works excellently with understated garments which are plain, letting the jewellery truly talk the spotlight.  

Modern pearls

Guess what’s back? Pearls. These will be nothing like the ancient pearls you saw your grandmother wearing. They will be delicate pearl hoops embedded in sculptural bracelets or ear cuffs. In these, the classic pieces will have a reimagined update for summer which will be contemporary. 

While women already love pearls, they are looking for an edgier, newer and less perfect way to wear these pieces. In simpler words, they are looking for a look that is pulled together and more undone at the same time.

*Disclaimer: Guest post by Gemone Diamond.


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