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I don't usually flash my underwear online for the world to see, but these ones need to be seen! Let me introduce to you, Ohne’s bloody wonderful period pants. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable

The average female produces about 400 pounds of plastic-filled menstrual trash in their lifetime. Period pants are a fantastic alternative. They significantly reduce carbon footprint without compromising comfort.

Ohne’s period pants are made with 92% modal - a gorgeous vegan material that uses 50% less resources than cotton. They’re so luxuriously soft and comfy, it feels exactly the same as everyday knickers.

Leak proof underwear

I’m wearing their Bikini Brief in Lilac Sky for that classic everyday look. They also have a high waisted design if you prefer more coverage. 

The pants are composed of three layers to absorb and hold up to 15ml blood securely, which is roughly the same amount as two regular tampons. I’ve been wearing mine mainly at night time and they’ve been fab - no more crime scene bedsheets! On my lighter flowing days, I can wear them the entire day. Such a game-changer not having to worry about changing sanitary products every few hours and no more plastic getting wedged in uncomfortable places. 

It also comes with a cute matching mesh bag made from post-consumer water bottles, so you can easily wash and protect the pant's delicate material. 

Buy one give one 

Because period products are a right, not a privilege, Ohne has a buy one, give one policy. For every single pair purchased, they gift one pair to someone who doesn’t have access to period products. I adore and stand by their mission to create a world where everyone can bleed comfortably.

If you'd like to get on board, Ohne has been super generous and created a code for my readers. You can use code MICHELLECHEUNGGVIP for £10 off absolutely anything at checkout. ❤️

Have you tried period pants before? 

Disclaimer: Gifted*


  1. I have not yet tried period pants, but I love the colour and look of the fabric of the Ohne Sustainable Period Pants lilac bikini-brief!
    I also love the facts that they are very absorbent, are made of vegan material, and are soft and comfy. Ohne's high waisted design sounds wonderful.
    As you probably already knew, in the past I have flashed my underwear online for the world to see quite a lot in panty modelling and review photo-posts on my blog and in the videos on my YouTube, but am way out of shape and, sadly, have not taken new photos or videos recently.
    You look GORGEOUS showcasing these beautiful sustainable period pants from Ohne!!!
    They sound like an excellent purchase and a great deal, especially using your collaboration code!

    1. They a few other colours too! There's a really gorgeous orange one but i'm deffo more of a lilac girl. I need your confidence! Awww hope you'll love them just as much.