Living in the West Midlands does have its perks sometimes. 😜

McDonald's Exclusive Burger Launch 

The Crispy McFillet has just launched for a limited time across Birmingham and Coventry.

I was super lucky to try it out at their exclusive tasting. The burger features 100% chicken breast fillet, iceberg lettuce, black pepper mayo and sourdough-style sesame topped bun. 

The crispy coating is seasoned with black pepper and cayenne pepper. Surprisingly, the cayenne pepper really adds umami and enhances the chicken’s flavour - it doesn’t have a spicy kick.

The bun is soft and firmer than their usual buns - thanks to the sourdough blend - so it doesn't fall apart after a few bites.

A fab tasty addition - this is definitely their most delicious burger yet. 

Where can you get the Crispy McFillet?

Here are the lucky 41 restaurants.

It's currently being tested and if it receives fantastic feedback, it'll be rolled out nationwide. 

Are you going to give the Crispy McFillet a whirl?

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