Modelling girdles have long become darlings among women since the Victorian era. They give an illusion of a slim waist, and flat stomach and enhance curves to achieve an hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian’s.

But a nagging doubt often seeps into the minds of first-time shapewear shoppers - 
"Does a body shaper actually work?"
Shapewear provides a few surprising benefits that go beyond shaping:

  • Instant slimmer curves and waist
  • Promotes better blood circulation and muscle tone
  • Post-pregnancy body care
  • Posture support
  • Aid in your recovery after surgery

Let's expand on a couple of these points so that we can better understand why you would consider choosing shapewear to help create a better-looking, slimmer figure and dispel any doubts.

Posture improvement

Medium to high control shaping garments are designed to not only slim and shape your figure, but also provide posture support. This is especially a boon for those who sit slouched for extended periods of time. With daily use, it can train you to correct your posture. Good posture also helps you breathe more efficiently and even improves your mood, energy levels and mental health.

Postpartum care

Mothers know how difficult it is to bounce back in shape after childbirth, especially with limited time on their hands.

Wearing a body shaper can help your waistline by simply wearing it for 4 hours daily. The modelling belt helps the body return to normal and lose swelling. It is also excellent for those who have had spinal surgery or aesthetic procedures in the abdomen.

How to Select the Right Body Shaper?

Body shapers or shapewear come in different types and sizes. It's important to first consider which part of the body is your main focus to shape up and choose a fit that makes your body comfortable.

Abdominal brace

The abdominal belt and waist trainer are the most popular shapers. As its name suggests, this shaper is made to envelop the entire waist region and compress the abdomen. This type is preferred if the abdomen flab extends or sags downward.

The abdominal strap will not only hide your love handles but is also very versatile. It can be worn under any garment and it’s undetectable. Some models even come with handles to make them more practical.

Tank Top / T-shirt

The abdomen is not always the only focus of shapewear. You can define the whole body region with a tank or t-shirt model; The sleeve length may vary from straps to full sleeves. It compresses both the stomach and the breasts.


Body shapewear is the one that promotes the greatest compression in the body. It extends through the butt, abdomen, hips, stomach, waist and has a built-in bra. Modelling bodies are usually elegant pieces and pair really well with dresses.

The only disadvantage is that it can bring some difficulties when going to the bathroom. In this sense, it is worth opting for bodysuits with side openings if you're attending parties or larger events.

Bermuda / Thigh Slimmer

If you’re looking to disguise the cellulite and tone up your thighs opt for Bermuda shorts. It is worn like shorts but extends only up to the abdomen and hips to shape up the thighs and butt. It can be used as gym gear to promote an additional increase in heat to the thigh area during exercise.

This model is great for postpartum use too as it is usually easy to put on and compresses the region affected by natural pregnancy and cesarean section.

Whether you just want to reduce your waist in the short term or you intend to embark on a gradual waist-reduction regime, body shapers and waist training corsets can help with that. Remember, for longer-term permanent waist-reduction your waist trainer should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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