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  1. hi. maybe i know the song name for your playlist?

    1. Yes sure ^^ there's over 50 songs in the playlist, so i'm not sure which song you're referring to. But there are numbers for each song, if you tell me which number I can let you know the name of the song. ^^ (e.g 01 is Andamiro - Waiting) ^_^

  2. most probably song 7, 16 and 21. Thanks so much for your help! By the way are you from hong kong?

    1. 7: LeeSsang - Tears
      16: Secret - Only You
      21: Soul Star - Unknown Number
      Hope that helps! ^_^
      Nope i'm born in the UK but my parents are from Hong Kong ^^

    2. Oh that sounds cool! Thanks so much for sharing too!

  3. I really like your song list; could you maybe tell me the names of numbers 55, 60, and 72? I may ask for more later, but this is it for now ^^

    1. Thank you ^^ apologies the playlist is a bit messed up atm >< so its says the same number for 2 different songs, so ill just tell you both. ^^

      55: Block B - Be The Light or Ailee - Singing Got Better
      60: 2ne1 - I Love You (club ver) or T-ara - Do You Know Me 1970 ver
      72: Blady - B Blood Type Girl or Phantom - New Era

      Sorry for the confusion >< fixing the player now. ^^
      Yes sure go ahead ^_^

  4. Nice blog, mind telling me the song 26 ? ;p

  5. Nice blog :) I like your song list.
    Could you tell me name of number 1 ?

  6. Can you give all of them? Name & Artist for 1-75?

    1. I was dreading that someone will ask me this! xDDD Sure~ ^_^
      Some of the songs have been removed by Youtube so I won't know which song it was, since the playlist is quite old. Apologies for that >.<

      1. Andamiro - Waiting
      2. Removed by Youtube
      3. Removed by Youtube
      4. ChoChalat - Black Tinkerbell
      5. Removed by Youtube
      6. Nine Muses - Wild
      7. LeeSsang - Tears
      8. LeeSsang - Turned Off The TV
      9. Kim Jongkook - Nostalgia
      10. Kim Jongkook ft Haha & Gary - Words I Want To Say To You
      11. Skarf - Love Virus
      12. Lee Hyori - Amor Mio
      13. Infinite - Destiny
      14. Removed by Youtube
      15. Removed by Youtube
      16. Secret - Only You
      17. B.A.P - Hurricane
      18. Removed by Youtube
      19. LeeSsang - Pursuing The Happiness
      20. Dynamic Duo ft Zion T - Three Dopeboyz
      21. Removed by Youtube
      22. Soul Star - Unknown Number
      23. Removed by Youtube
      24. Boys Republic - Party Rock
      25. 4 Minute - Is It Popping?
      26. Kyote - Marry Me
      27. Junsu - Incredible
      28. MR.MR - Waiting For You
      29. B.A.P - Zero
      30. Fx - Rum Pum Pum Pum
      31. Beast - Shadow
      32. Sorry can't remember
      33. B.A.P - Voicemail
      34. Don't tell your dad
      35. Phantom - I Already Know
      36. Mblaq - I Don't Know
      37. Sorry can't remember
      38. Tasty - Day n' Night
      39. Removed by Youtube
      40. Removed by Youtube
      41. Troublemaker - Now
      42. Sorry can't remember
      43. Jay Park - Appetiser
      44. G-Dragon ft Jennie Kim - Black
      45. Jay Park ft Dok2 - Trill
      46. G-Dragon - Shake The World
      47. Jay Park - Nothing On You
      48. BTS - We On
      49. Seo In Young ft Gaeko - Love Me
      50. Song Ji Eun - False Hope
      51. Block B - Very Good
      52. G-Dragon ft Lydia - ROD
      53. Infinite - Request
      54. Block B - Be The Light
      55. Ailee - Singing Got Better
      56. T-ara - Number 9
      57. Taeyang - Wedding Dress Mash Up
      58. Removed by Youtube
      59. Removed by Youtube
      60: 2ne1 - I Love You (club ver)
      61. T-ara - Do You Know Me 1970 ver
      62. EXO - Miracles In December
      63. Removed by Youtube
      64. Removed by Youtube
      65. Removed by Youtube
      66. Removed by Youtube
      67. Removed by Youtube
      68. Removed by Youtube
      69. Removed by Youtube
      70. 2NE1 - Missing You
      71. Blady - B Blood Type Gir
      72. Phantom - New Era
      73. Taeyang - Ringa Linga
      74. TOP&GD ft Park Bom - Oh Yeah!
      75. Miss A - Hush

  7. Can you do a post on your daily skincare routine and makeup routine?

    1. Haiii~ Sure~ I'll do a post on my makeup routine. ^__^ As for my skincare, I haven't got a routine yet since I'm always changing products ><

    2. What products are you currently using? And can you recommend me some hair care products since my hair is so damaged >.<

    3. For makeup or skincare? ^^ Would be my pleasure to! Essential's ultra honey and shea butter hair masks is bliss for damaged hair~ I can write a review on if you like? :') Herbal Essences conditioners are lovely too ^^

  8. For both - sorry to be a pain, I'm too curious for my own good haha >.<
    Where can I purchase these hair masks from in the UK? Yes please do a review on it~ :D
    Is there any specific one that you'd recommend that smells nice but is also good for damaged hair?

    1. Its fine~ not a pain at all! ^^ Its always interesting to find out what others use :')

      Makeup for minimal everyday~ ^^
      Face: Vichy Dermablend foundation mixed with Missha's signature BB cream and Amazing Cosmetics' powder set. I usually don't need to conceal because Dermablend has really high coverage. For a little colour/contour - Elizabeth Arden radiant bronzing powder.
      Eyes: MUA heaven and earth eye shadow palette, 17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner. I don't use mascara as my lashes are almost invisible xDD
      Lips: Collection creampuff in fairy cake or Revlon matte balm in 205 elusive ^^

      As for my current skincare products I'm using~
      Toner: Gariner essential rose water toner or Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
      Serum/Emulsion: Eucerin dermo purifer active concentrate/ Nature Republic fresh green tea 70 emulsion / Laneige Perfect Renew emulsion (currently using the emulsions to review later~ ^^)
      Moisturiser: I used Mizon acene smoothing gel cream (Don't recommend it! >.< you'll see in my latest review why) switched back to Eucerin derma purifier hydrating care and Dermalogica clean start welcome matter moisturiser for now
      Sleeping mask: minicell Tomato Stem Extract SLEEPING PACK and Laneige water sleeping pack

      I purchased the Essential's honey mask when I was in Hong Kong, they may possibly sell them in London C-town ^^ or any asian stores near you~ If not its always available online :')
      Herbal Essence wise they all smell reallyyyy wonderful! Beautiful ends is best for damaged hair~ Hello hydration is really good too but beautiful ends is slightly better ^.~

      Have a great day~ ^__^

    2. AH crap forgot about cleansers sorry >< Dr.Myer's AC - Reducing Facial Cleanser and Biore pore unclogging scrub ^^

    3. Ooh thanks for sharing! I'm always interested in what others are using so I can either add to my collection or try something new especially when it comes to makeup :D
      Omg just realised we both use the Biore pore unclogging scrub! :O

    4. You're most welcome! ^^ and its fabulous when the new products you try works well for you too :') Woooo high5! :DDD