Yayyy this my first blog post! So I apologies if it's not that good. I couldn't find many reviews for this product before buying it so here's hopefully an informative review for people that are interested in this product!

I've been wanting to try this product for a really really long time now and I never got around to buying it as I was sceptical as to whether it would work or not. I brought this from eBay for £14. It's a bit more pricey because I bought it from a UK seller. Plus £14 for 3 tubes is not too bad when a single tube cost £6.50. It's available in a larger 250ml size for £16. But since i'm Asian, doing some calculation 85ml x 3 = 255ml you'll get a little more product for less. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase it from.

► Product Claims:

  • Burns fats and shape up the skin
  • Help blood circulation by expanding blood vessels
  • Protect against and reduces cellulite
  • Makes skin smoother and have a smoother appearance

Note: This product may react different on various people due to sensitivity etc. My skin isn't sensitive.

When I first opened the tube there was quite a strong chilli and garlic scent, so my first reaction was like woooiiii~ 

► First Impression:

Following the instructions; I simply massaged the gel on my stomach and thigh after having a shower. I only applied a little amount because a reviewer said its best to use little by little to avoid overheating/burning. The product claimed that you'll feel the area you've applied it to heat up after 15 minutes, however, I didn't feel any heat. Since I used this at night time, I got bored of waiting and accidentally fell asleep lol. I woke up during the night, around 3 hours after application my stomach and thigh were hot! You can definitely feel the heat; it wasn't too hot or unbearable, it was actually quite nice haha.

And... because I'm sleepyhead, sure I was excited to know the product was working but I fell asleep right away. When I woke up the heat was still there in the morning, which really surprised as I didn't expect the heat to last that long. When I looked at my thigh I definitely saw a little difference, my skin was smoother.

The gel is easy to apply and spreads out nicely. A little does go a long way with this gel. I do recommend people to wash their hands after applying the gel because if you're a bit derpy like me you may touch your face and it will leave a tingly sensation for a while. Some people may not like the scent of this product as it is quite strong.

► Overall:

Since I've only used this gel a few times, I can't actually say whether it will help to "burn fat" or help to reduce cellulite but I do like this product already. I feel that this gel may actually help to slim down my thighs and stomach. I will continue to use this product which you can click here to see the results and to find out more information about the product as I experiment with it. Or just to see whether it actually works or not. ^_^


  1. finally someone review this product >.< im planning to buy one

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    1. Your welcome ^_^ Aww good luck with the product!
      Just to say the product does work but for some people when they stop using it, the "fats" slowly to return. >< So its more like a temporary thing. ^^