Okay so this is little dairy of the results from Balo Chilli HOT Anti-Cellulite Body Slimming Gel to see weather it will help "burn fat" "reduce cellulite" and "slim down applied areas" or not. ^_^

Week 1

Day 1: I was quite happy with the outcome from just day 1! I felt that my skin where I applied the gel felt and looked smoother. You can read my first impression review here. ^_^

Day 2: I was disappointing with the product as I didn't get the "hot" feeling I did on the first day. There was literally no heat at all, on the morning and night application. :/ So this make me a bit unsure of the product now.

Day 3: During the morning the hot feeling was on/off. Whenever I was near the radiator I would feel the "heat" however when I went somewhere else the "heat" goes/cools down. That made me start to think it's a heat activated product. As for night application, the "hot feeling" appeared in 10 minute, I think this due to applying it after shower so it absorbed better.

Day 4: In the morning, once again there was no "hot feeling" at all. As for night, I applied immediately and there was a "hot feeling" every where I applied it. This time I also wrapped the areas with cling film which helped the product from transferring and heat up better. Even though the product says to apply twice a day, I think that the product only activates the heat after a shower or when the body temperature is slightly higher e.g while doing exercise.

Day 5: Same happened like day 3 & 4
Day 6: After 3 days, I decided stop using it in the morning and only after the shower because thats when the product only seemed to be effective.
Day 7: After a week of using the product, there was ups and downs, but I actually did find my thigh to lose a bit of fat! :DDD Before using the gel my thigh was 53cm in diameter and it reduced to 52.5cm, only 0.5cm difference but better than nothing! ^_^   

Week 2

After using this for another week, using it only after having shower/bath. I thought it wouldn't work because it didn't seem to give my skin that smooth appearance like the first time I used it. I measured my thigh today and it was 52cm, another 0.5cm gone! So was like wowwwww. At the moment I do think this product works but not as dramatic as other people have claimed. ^_^

Week 3

Since I still want quicker results, I tried again using it in the mornings. I don't know why it but the products just doesn't seem to work in the morning. :L So I tried having a shower in the morning and applied after, its does slightly heat, you can feel it immediately for about 5 minutes and then it goes. xDD However its works fine during afternoon or night time, which is still a mystery to me. Anyway with the results like before I have lost 0.5cm again. So it 51.5cm now ^_^

Week 4

I have used up one tube now, it should last longer for those that use it on their stomach only only there, as I used it on my arms, stomach, and thighs. Measuring my thigh today gave me a bigger surprise as I lost 1cm! :OO Which is more than the previous weeks. which I am super happy about! Also using this I have notice my thigh gap is more noticeable now! :D Its now at 50.5cm

Week 5

Using it for another week another 0.5cm has gone, so it 50cm now ^^. I wonder why the product was more effective last week. O.o

Week 6

This is the MAJORRRR factor here! Since I got lazy I stopped using the gel, and the diameter of my thigh has increased by 1cm. So in a way, this is saying the "slimming effect" is only a temporary thing. I'm going to need to write it about in a different blog post since it will be quite long. Its not the first time this has happened either since i've also tried Decleor Slim Effect Localized Contouring Gel. If you are after permanent fat lost, any cellulite/slimming gel wont work, as its only a temporary thing.

Week 7

After another week of not using the gel the diameter of my thigh has once increased a little again, which was not a surprise me

Week 8 & 9

The diameter of my thigh has not increased. This product will help to slim down body areas a little but it is a temporary solution as it helps to reduce water weight. The weight will slowly return but you also find that your body is slightly more toned after use.


  1. I want to know if its still working???

  2. Hello ^_^ to be honest it only works if you use it everyday but once you stop using it like I did then your "fats" will return. >< so its only a temporary thing :/

  3. do u have to work out when u applied it on??

    1. nope, you dont have to do any sort of work out or exercise for it to work. ^^

  4. Did you work out after you stopped using the gel?

    1. Nope, i'm too lazy to work out >.< I do go on diets/detoxs sometimes~ ^^

  5. My friend got this and I ordered mine from wish. I am wondering if it would work if you sit in a warm and or hot bath, and it burn faster. Do you think that is a possibility?

    1. not sure as I havent tried it whilst in bath. I think it could be possible but the effects would be weak since the water is likely to dilute the gel