Yesterday I originally planned to go shopping for prom shoes, but then somehow I ended up strolling across the makeup section, which is pretty typical of me. So browsing around Debenhams I passed the Sampure Minerals counter, thinking it was Bare Minerals LOL even though Bare Minerals was on the other side. *facepalm* I think its a new counter since I haven't seen it before or maybe I just didn't notice it xD.

*Sampure Minerals also known as Samina Pure Makeup is a brand that does mineral makeup. Which contains no harsh chemicals, no alcohol and no parabens. It's also vegetarian society and halal approved.

Anyway the sales assistant Colette was super nice and introduced me and my friend to this brand. She did apply some of the products ( the mineral foundation, setting powder and blusher ) on me. I LOVED the foundation! I've always wanted to get a mineral foundation, but I was skeptical whether it would be able to cover up my acne scars and redness. But I was WOW-edddd by this foundation. The results were flawless and managed to cover everything like a normal liquid foundation maybe even better. You don't really need a concealer as the foundation is buildable.  

While Colette did my makeup; I mentioned Bare Minerals and she said that she used to it. The shocking thing that I found out from her was that Bare Minerals' foundation has corn starch in it. My mouth literally dropped and I was thinking WTFFF food on face?! LOL. Like it actually does, my friend looked at the ingredients and my automatic reaction was "Bare Minerals you nassstyyy" haha. Not that I have anything against having food on your face as there are occasions where you do DIY masks. But corn starch is a bit I dunno weird LOL and wearing it throughout the day. Another thing I found out/learnt was that corn starch can irritates the skins a little, so Bare Minerals is good but it's not really recommended for people with acne as it can irritate it. Sampure doesn't contain any and it seems to give off a better coverage. Also the prices is slightly cheaper.

If anyone lives or visits Birmingham you should pop in and check it out. You never know if you may like their products, as I definitely wasn't expecting it. You can see for yourself the results (on the left photo, no editing except for blurring the background) If not, you'll love the sales assistance Colette especially if your into Youtube videos, blogs, Asian make up or makeup general. She's pretty awesome. ^_^

Have any of you guys heard of the brand Sampure and have you tried anyway of their products?

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