LOL Yes I am aware that Gatsby facial wash are aimed for men, but I love this product haha so who gives jizz. xDD Okay so I brought this product during Hong Kong for around $50 (£4.17). My skin was reacting really bad with the humid and polluted environment, and had a massive breakout, the worst my skin has ever been! So I spent a lot of my time looking for products to help reduce and control my acne. >< I tried a lot of products during the 2 months and a lot of them was like splashing water on my face, as they had no effect whatsoever. One day out the random I used my cousin's Gatsby Triple Scrub (the dark blue one behind the green Acne Clear in the 1st picture above. which I will also review later ^^) which seemed to start clearing my skin a little, after few more washes I decided to go buy it and then I saw the Acne Clear one, so I like like brillllll. xD and purchased both. They do have more in the line, oil control, cool ice etc~ I WANTED TO BUY THE WHOLE PRODUCT LINE LOLOL

Gatsby is quiet popular in Asia, so their products are available pretty much everywhere, Watsons, Mannings, Bonjour etc. If you don't live in Asia you can easily purchase them off eBay, YesStyle etc. Okay so starting on the review. This product claims to/ effects:

  • Cleansing ingredients remove sebum, sweat and dirt
  • Antibacterial ingredient Triclosan, which withstand sweat, reaches acne bacteria to kill them
  • Antibacterial ingredient IPMP, which can withstand sebum, reaches acne bacteria to kill them
  • Sebum control absorbing powder absorbs sebum from deep inside pores
  • Sebum control ingredient tightens up pores, reducing excessive sebum secretion

Since I tried the Triple Scrub before hand, I was expecting the product to work just as good, maybe even better. Sure enough it was better! The product does everything it claims to do. The product has a refreshing minty citrus scent, which I think is great for mornings as it refreshes you. After you've washed off the product it leaves behind a cool sensation, which is really nice. I did notice my acne starting to reduce within a few days of use. My skin is super oily and acne prone, so even though the product is more harsh (because its meant for men skin LOL) my skin didn't react bad to it. I could definitely feel that the product is more powerful than feminine ones. The product really does reach deep down and cleanse your pores squeaky clean. The only downside I would say about this product is that people with sensitive skin may think its a bit harsh for their skin, or that it may dry it.

I would recommend this product for people with oil and acne prone skin. I would rate this product as 4.5/5 I would of gave it a 5 but its doesn't suit everyone's skin type. It's effective, affordable and you get a lot of product, so it does last long and its worth it.

Have you tried any of the Gatsby facial wash? and if you have which one do you have? We can be Gatsby buddies! If not have you tried/use any men facial products?

Have a good day! ^_^

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