I've always wanted to try cleansing oils, however most tend to be on pricey side. The Miracle Cleansing Oil retails for £7.99 and is part of L'Oreal's high performance range. Another plus is that it it always seems to be on sale! A cleasning oil with high performance and a economic friendly price? This is definitely a win win situation to purchase. 


  • Instantly dissolve all traces of makeup (even waterproof) and impurities
  • Skin feels clean with a non greasy, non dry feel
  • Reveals smoother, healthy looking and radiant skin
  • Rebalance natural oil production
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all skin types


I've been using this for 1 month and  a half now; the first two days of using the cleansing oil it left my face feeling soft, radiant, hydrated and squeaky clean. My skin felt wonderful! Within the first week, I did experience some little spots which was expected as many people have said to break out before the full benefit of the cleansing oil kicks in. Continued using it, it calmed down the little breakout quickly. Which I was really happy about as my other cleanser does not manage to calm or clear up spots as quickly this. I am now left with 2/3 of the product, so this cleansing oil will last for a good few months. On the packaging, it says to use "2-3 drops" which highly disagree with has you need 2-3 pumps to cleanse a full face.


A light transparent oil you massage on your face to cleanse it. The cleansing oil is very gentle and does not stripe the skin's natural oils. It has a strong fruity scent, which I like as it brightens up the atmosphere. However, some people with sensitive skin may find the scent offensive, the cent does not linger for long. The cleansing oil emulsifies once it comes in contact with water. It easily rinses off without any oily residue, leaving the skin clean. So it does live up to its claims of being lightweight and leaves skin feeling clean, non greasy and not dry.


The cleansing oil does dissolve make up instantly on contact, and i've test it if it would remove makeup within 15 seconds like it claims. Which is does. I haven't try it on waterproof makeup simply because I don't use waterproof so I can't justify whether it will remove it or not. I've notice that when removing eye makeup, it makes my vision a bit blurry. 


I think is wonderful! It does the job well and effectively, its not expensive so it won't break the bank. I love how radiant and healthy looking it leaves my skin. I have received many compliments on how well my skin has been looking lately too. Even I brought this on sale, I would repurchase it this at full price. I do recommend this people don't have any problems with mineral oils as it may clog up your pores and people that aren't sensitive to parfums as the scent is strong.

Have you try a cleansing oil yet? ^^

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