Holland & Barrett £6.99

Aloe vera is widely known for various benefits and uses in the beauty world, thus making it an essential item. It can promote healthier skin by providing hydration, heal, cool and soothe skin after sun exposure etc. I chose to purchase this one in particular because it's bio active, certified and produced from 100% pure aloe to provide maximum benefits. Plus there are many fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gels sold online, please be careful guys!

The H&B Aloe Vera Gel is available in two sizes - 100ml for £3.99 and 200ml for £6.99. It's often on half price or in the H&B penny sale, so it's nice little treat. I like that the gel comes in a tube packaging rather than a tub.

The gel absorbs in rapidly and doesn't feel greasy or leave any residue. Once dried it becomes transparent and temporary tightens my skin. Easy to wash off. I mainly use it as a face treatment to moisturise dry skin and soothe out my redness whenever I want to relax or before I go to sleep as it has a lovely cooling feeling. As for acne, I know many people do rave about how aloe vera helps acne due to it's anti-inflammatory purposes, however I didn't noticed any noticed except for the reduce redness.

Overall it's a good product for reducing redness, cooling and smoothing skin. It comes with a generous amount that has lasted me for months, I still have loads left! Made with high quality. I do recommend this if you prefer using natural products. ^^

Rating: 8/10


  1. I love putting aloe vera on my face because it seems to calm down irritation and it absorbs super fast, which is great since I hate waiting for things to dry in the morning. The only problem I have with it is how oily it makes me :< This sounds like it would be great to use on the body though! Thanks for sharing ^^


    1. omgggg havent heard that aloe makes skin oiler .____.
      thanks for reading~ ^__^

  2. Ive been running out of my Aloe Vera, this looks like a great alternative!

    x Mishs Beauty Diary

    1. Hope you'll like it too if you decide to get it :')