Quick review because i'm drowning in revision and coursework welppp! Anyway the Laneige Water Bank line is highly raved, i'm sure those that use Asian skin care have already about heard it 362839320+ times already. I have the essence in a travel size version, which came with a Laneige trail kit. The full size (60ml) is available for $32.50 from Sasa.

There are two versions; Water Bank Essence and Water Bank Essence EX; EX is the improved version and does not contain alcohol, so it's more recommended for those with sensitive skin. The water bank line was designed to provide long lasting 24 hour hydration for all skin types. I have dehydrated skin; this really helped with boosting and maintaining the moisture levels of my skin. ^^

The essence's consistency is runny and light. It spreads easily and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving a moist and velvet finish. I seriously can't stop touching my skin after application! Feels like my skin has been injected with loads of moisture. It has a lovely light and fresh scent too~ But don't only rely on the essence for moisture, remember to apply a moisturiser after too!

I really enjoyed using this essence, I will most likely purchase in this the full size~ ^^ Although it is quite pricey, I definitely think it's worth the price as it does what it claims and makes your skin feel so nice! Like that moist glowy skin Korean celebrities have. *^*

Rating: 9.5/10

What essence or serum are you currently liking? ^^


  1. I love this brand:)
    Have a lovely weekend:)


  2. Wow the Laneige Water Bank line... to be honest I've never heard of it ... I guess i've been living under a rock lol. Anyways this product seems amazing! Also with the winter season on its way its a great moisturizer it seems :) I might give this a try! p.s.I love asian skin care! Thanks for the quick and simple review Michelle! <3

    1. awwww ope youll like it if you try it ^^
      Thanks for reading <3

  3. great review :))

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  4. Oooh this looks really useful. I need to really up my facial products haha.
    I'll be on the lookout for this brand when I go shopping next time ~
    Thanks for the great review ♥

    1. i keep running out of facial products really quick >.<
      Thanks for reading~ ^^