All these sales got the best of me! But i'm happy of the purchases I made today~ ^.^ I wanted to pick more stuff up but 1) Needed to control myself   2) The bag was getting a bit too heavy for me to carry home and lastly   3) I was starting to look a bit cray cray with amount of products to my flatmates. xD Anyway here are the items I got:

  • Bleach London - Total Bleach Kit
  • Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Ultra Brights 94 Purple Punk
  • Primark - Silver & Gold Bobby Pins

  • XHC Revitalising Coconut Water Conditioner 
  • Creightons Sunshine Blonde Tone Correcting Shampoo
  • Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Conditioner
  • Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Detangling Spray

  • L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Masque Pot UV Filter 300ml
  • Lee Stafford Repair And Build Hair Treatment Mask
  • Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Intensive Hair Conditioner Mask

Have you purchased anything hair products recently? ^^


  1. i can't wait for your purple hair.. =)

  2. I lovee hairproducts, just with everything which has to do with hair styling. I used to take care of my hair everyday and every sec. But I've ruined my hair so hard haha. I'm kinda traumatized to touch my hair ever again when it comes to colouring and styling.
    btw I've never seen the coconut water before, soo cool. ^^

  3. please do a review for the coconut water conditioner <3

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Omg, please please do a review on the coconut water conditioner! I've heard that coconut does wonders to hair, skin, and everything tbh :)