"Don't let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace~ Your main focus should be to improve yourself. Learn from others without judging. If you find you have a better way to do something, go on quietly and make the change, without allowing your thoughts and your heart to belittle others by being boastful and growing a huge ego."

I think that quotes fit the picture perfectly and it's a nice reminder to improve yourself whilst staying humble. Also the photos were taken in my new room! I shall get a tour of it up soon ^.^ Moving onto the outfit, it's quite indie / bohemian inspired. I love how magical this "You Are My ☀ My ☾ And All My ☆'s" halter top from CNDirect makes me feel~ Such a cute quote too! I styled it with a classic high waisted shorts and a vintage style cardie to give the outfit indie vibes. For an edgy look, I would have styled it with white jeans. 

Outfit Details:

Top: CNDirect (*sponsored item)
Shorts: Hong Kong
Cardigan: Primark

Have you got any tops with cute quotes on? If say what does your quote say? ^^


  1. what a cute top! and omg *O* i see BAP on your wall!


  2. cool photos and i really love the color of your hair <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  3. Love the message on your top~ And your face. And your hair <3 I'm in much need of improving myself and trying to find the time to just sit, close my eyes, and breathe haha


  4. I love your editing and the cardigan.. :)

  5. You look amazing
    Great post

    Love Vikee

  6. I've been seeing that top everywhere! And it looks great on you :) One day I will have the confidence to wear crop tops but that is not today!

    1. thank you! ^^ awww it took me a while to get out my comfort zone ^^"

  7. Such a fashionable and comfy looking outfit and your hair colour is so lovely <3