If you ever visit Asia or have been in Asia, you will likely see FANCL products. FANCL is a really popular Japanese brand~ ^^ I stumbled on these limited edition masks when browsing on YesStyle and was intrigued to try it because it focuses on the T-zone to reduce sebum and tighten up pores. I couldn't find any reviews on them to see if they actually work, so ehhhh i'll be the guinea pig. xD You get 4 sheets for £22.97 which equals out to £5.74 per sheet. Rip my purse T__T

The mask contains Green Tea and Kiwi Extracts which help to clarify skin and tighten pores; hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and help balance it so that it has a matte finish. It also contains "intensive mattifiers" to help regulate excess sebum activity. As for the other "helps achieve refined skin" bs, I won't bother with that since that is very unlikely. It might over time but not with 4 sheets in my opinion. 

I can't read Japanese but illustration are very self explanatory on how to use the mask~ 

As you can see, the mask doesn't fit onto my face very well! I've tried adjusting it but maybe my face is too big for it... xD It has a zesty citrus scent, the scent actually reminds me of Mizon Trouble Care Acne Control Soothing Gel Cream except without the overwhelming alcohol. When you apply the mask, there's a cool and tingly sensation. Feels like its clarifying and detoxing my skin~ 

My skin does feel slightly more hydrated and has a semi matte finish after use, though the result weren't very obvious. It's not amazingly mattifying, since the mask is suppose to provide the cheeks moisture too which is hard to formulate a moisturising yet mattifying mask. Overall a decent mask. If you want a mask to mattify your skin, I would recommend you to use a normal sheet mask and then apply a mattyfying moisturiser/primer which has more noticeable results and is more cost effective.

Personally I think you're better off getting 2 boxes of My Beauty Diary masks (20 sheets) or other drug store sheet masks, which provides the same results (or better) and you would still have some leftover change. But if you have the money to splurge out then go ahead~

Rating: 6.5/10


  1. oh, how interesting it looks like!


  2. This mask looks great!!thanks for share it!

  3. Sounds like a really interesting mask, especially since my t-zone definitely needs some tightening haha. It reminds me so much of a batman!