On Korean beauty shows, Tiffany is known for her nails. Even on her sub group's show - The TaeTiSeo, you can see that Tiffany gets a manicure done very frequently. Her nails are to die for, they're so pretty! I decided to recreate her Dear Santa nails since it seems easy enough to do at home. ^^

Here is a screenshot of her nails~ From my perspective I think it's the classic silver/clear rhinestone look.

To achieve this look, I simply applied a silver colour as a base and then a glitter coat to stick the rhinestones onto my nails. Lastly, used a top coat to seal off the hard work. Here is my take on it and the finsihed look~ I think it would have been prettier if I used smaller rhinestones (my friend said he got trypophobia from looking at them lolol, sorry!) and if I spent my time on it since I got lazy ehhh.

But if you want to see how I did them, i've filmed the process and linked the video tutorial at the top of this post! Or you can click here :')

Have a nice day~
* posts will be slow due to exam period wahhhh T___T

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  1. Those are some hella big rhinestones. Super cool!

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  3. Very cute...
    Thanks for sharing ^^.


  4. Nice post

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