I've been hiatus/slow on blogging due to exams but now i'm freeeee~ Time to pull my socks back up! As you read from the title, today's post is for all my jewellery lovers~ I love accessories but i'm just too damn lazy to wear them, so this is one of those few occasions you'll see me wearing some. Rings and Tings were so generous sending me a few items! When they contacted me they just asked which were my favourite pieces, I didn't expect to receive them all wahhhh, thank you! <3

The first item I picked out was their Snowflake Ear Cuff (LINK)

I really like the intricate details; don't ask me why but it reminds me of some Game of Thrones shizzal. It's has one stud that goes through your standard lobe and a cuff at the top to hold the piece in place. Great for those with only one piercing or don't have their helix pierced. I personally found the ear cuff uncomfortable, as it's heavy. Another downside is that you can only wear it on your left ear. My left ear is hidden by my hair most of the time since my hair is parted to the left, so as much I like the ear cuff I am unlikely to wear it.

Second item, Dark Silver Tone Beads and Crystal Spike Necklace (LINK):

This one is my favourite of them all! It's edgy, it's glam, it's fierce - the perfect dark glamour piece. You could wear this casually or spice up a formal dress if you want something different. Imagine how nice this would be styled with a sweetheart dress or white dress/blouse/cami top. Ahhhh, I should of done that! *facepalming myself so hard rn* But yes, I love this and the lovely crystal detail.

Multi Spike Necklace (LINK):

I remember when everyone had a spike necklace, well now I finally have one too even though its 2000 and late. Everyone has moved onto chokers now xD. Classic piece; it's available in 3 colours - vintage gold, gold and silver. I have it in vintage gold, which looks almost like brass. Yay to colour variety~

Deer Filigree Bib Necklace (LINK):

Sorry this is like the only pose I do, someone teach me how to model? Anyway, last item! I saved the boldest to last. This statement necklace is bound to grab attention. Great for adding detail to a minimalistic outfit. It's available in gold and silver. Will not lie, I regret not choosing it in silver, gold jewellery doesn't really go well with my hair colours or skin tone. >< The chain is adjustable, so can wear it low or high like I did.

Overall I like the items they offer, the store has a massive range of jewellery so there's something for everyone, the quality is decent its just like jewellery you find in Topshop / River Island and their prices are affordable too. ^^ They also have clothing, shoes, bags etc (basically the tings).  If you want to check them out, you can head over to www.ringsandtings.com. Which piece is your favourite? Tell me in the comments down below! Until next time, too-dahs~

*Disclaimer: Jewellery sponsored by Rings and Tings.
*All opinions are strictly my own, honest af and I was not paid to write this. 


  1. Those are amazing. I hadn't heard of this company until now, so thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu


  2. Omg, all the pieces you picked out are great. I'm especially jealous of that ear cuff. I haven't checked if they ship to the US or how much it would be if they do, but I need that cuff in my life. asap.


    1. Thank you~ <3 I know they do worldwide delivery, not sure about the prices though! ^^

  3. I absolutely love the ear cuff, it's so delicate but fierce o3o

    x | Mish's Diary

    1. Thank you~ agreed its a really lovely piece :')