Funny how I named this post Don't Look Back but it's a throwback outfit haha. I found this photos and realised that I've completely forgot to blog about! **yes i'm digging through old photos because my PC with everything on is in the UK and i'm across the globe in Australia right now ><** So this outfit was taken when I had blue and grey ombre hair. (I've also recently dyed my hair back fully grey which will blog about it soon!) When I have grey hair, I tend to only wear monochrome. Anyone else also do this?

This oversized t-shirt dress is from DealSale. Super super comfy, Ngl I sometimes wear this dress as my pyjama because it's that comfortable! Simple at the front and cheeky little surprise at the back, Great for those casual lazy days~

I live for clothing with cut out designs, I adore them so much!

What clothing pieces do you live for? :')


  1. Even though these are old photos, I'm so jealous of that grey hair >_< I've been wanting to dye my to silver but I don't think I'm blonde enough despite constantly bleaching and toning my hair. Looks like such a comfy dress, but I'm sure my back will be super cold because the a/c is always running here >_<

    1. I have that grey hair back, just without the blue ^.<
      Omg don;t get me started on how many times i;ve bleach my hair for grey, but it's so worth it! ^^

  2. Hair looks amazing
    Fabulous post

    Love Vikee

  3. Your outfit tho! <3<3 and I really like your hair colors, v grunge

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