Here's to reviewing forgotten products I have. I'm not even surprised that i've neglected it, since its a pretty bad product... Heh heh, let's get started talking why. The colour trend foundation is oil free to help control oils for a radiant finish. 

There are 5 shades available, I have it in the lightest shade - ivory shade. The consistency is good, not too runny or thick. It spreads and slides onto the skin nicely, but it's still so hard to blend! The foundation just appears streaky/patchy and emphasise flaws such as pores/flaky skin. 

Here is my tired looking face before applying the foundation. Slight redness and blemish scars.

After applying 2 to 3 layers. My redness is covered and evened out, slightly.

I personally did not like this foundation at all! I found it sooooo hard to blend since it's patchy and the coverage is so light. It only just managed to even out my skin tone after trying to layer it on. I guess its a okay product if you want something with super light coverage, but stillll it's way too light in my opinion. It has the same coverage as a tinted moisturiser. Lastly, where's the radiance finished it claimed? It's a no no product, I definitely do not recommend this what-so-ever.

Rating: 2/10


  1. Hahaha I never really liked Avon products to begin with, my mum used to buy some of their stuff when I was a kid and then give it to me because she didn't like it.
    But yeah i hate light coverage too, I need full coverageeee

    1. yasssss like my face needs to be looking flawless, like cover me up pls~

  2. Oh my I wonder if they have it in my shade. Also, if you apply with one layer is it light coverage? I just wanted to know. Also, this is my first time on your blog and i like it. Thanks for your review.

    XOXO - Lovingrose_

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    1. Yep, the coverage is very light like a tinted moisturizer ^^ I don't recommend this foundation though
      Awww thank you <3