Powder is a major essential for oily skin people like me (essential for long lasting makeup in general too ofc)~ I picked up this setting powder when I was in Paris as it seemed like it could be a dupe for MAC's Set Powder in the shade Invisible. Kiko's powder retails €11.90 (around £10), whilst MAC's retails for £23.50. Half the price so why not aye? :')

The Invisible Powder is design to be a mattifying fixing powder. You get 13.5g of product, which will last you for ages even if you were to use it everyday.

It comes with a cushion sponge applicator. I personally don't use it because it's so so so much easier to apply it evenly with a brush, plus cushion applicators get dirty super quick. (I'm too lazy to wash it frequently) But its nice for those that don't want to bring extra brushes with them when traveling and it prevents the powder from getting everywhere. 

The powder is silky, applies smoothly onto foundation leaving it with a velvety matte finish. It doesn't leave a white case and does a decent job of keeping my face matte for a few hours. My face is super super oily so oil still manages to seeps through. I do like this powder and think it's a nice alternative to MAC's one. :') So yesss, I would recommend this product~ 

Rating: 7.5/10

Have you recently discovered a dupe product as well? ^^

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