Carrying on with my Aussie outfits with more sweaters~ as a lazy girl does. But yes I did get looks from people "aren't you cold?!" No because i'm English. ^.<

I've been so in love with the baddie trend, so here is my take on it. Although mines mainly focused on the makeup. Baddies love their crop tops/sweaters. This Boy London sweater i'm wearing is actually in XL and I just cut off the bottom to make it into a nice cropped sweater. I would have preferred this sweater with black ripped jeans but mine was in another country so shorts will do for now. ^.<

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Boy London
Shorts: Boohoo

Have you tired out the baddie trend yet? ^^


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  2. I always buy xl sweaters too hahaha I guess our winter isn't as bad as yours :P I wear sooooo many layers, i think i would probably die elsewhere tbh lol

    I don't think i suit the baddie style so I don't particularly follow it. actually i don't follow anything, i just wear whatevs tbh lol

  3. You look amazing

    Love Vikee