Taking it back to 2011 because this outfit remind's of me Hyuna's Bubble Pop era; I did a KPop inspired outfit subconsciously l0l.

Bringing summer vibes into November because I cannn and am still in denial that winter is coming. Damn I despite the cold season. Take me back to Australia please! Athletic style is my forever go to casual wear. I admire bloggers that have a dressed up causal style because i'm just lazy and go for comfort. Anyway, I saw this fishnet crop top from Top Shop and thought it would be a really fun piece to style. I wore another crop top under because i'm not really a exposy person and it's brings some colour to the over all outfit. Pulled everything together with my YesStyle denim jacket, which has really cool patches and gives this outfit some fun and quirky vibes~ Before anyone asks, nuu I didn't put the patches on myself. Would be cool if I did though, customised items are literally the cutest.

Outfit Details:

Jacket: YesStyle
Crop Top: MRP
Fishnet Top: Top Shop 
Shorts: Boohoo
Trainers: H&M