Getting rid of the Monday blues with a few cute items I picked up from Zaful

Pink & White Striped Off The Shoulder Romper

This is my current favourite romper! How cute is this? It makes you looks dressed up effortlessly. It actually comes with a white belt as well but i'm a egghead and forgot about it eh. The only downside about the romper, is that the fabric is slightly sheer. So I recommend you to wear white undies or wear safety shorts under. I like to wear a white safety short under, because even-though the flare of the romper is stylist it's quite wide. Avoiding that flash!

Halter Color Block Crop Top

You may have seen this top featured in my TOMMYxGIGI outfit or on iamkareno because she also has this top! :D The halter top is a ribbed knit material, so it's good quality~ Find a warm jacket to pair this with and you can wear in Autumn as well ^.<

Velvet Choker Necklace - Black 

Seen me wear chokers in my posts or selfies a lot more recently? It's because I grabbed 3 from Zaful! The first one I got is your classic velvet choker. I like to pair it with a black lace pattern choker for a more sultrily look and because it completely changes your outfit game. Chokers is basically the void your outfit needs!

Velvet Choker Necklace - White

My bio does warn people I change my hair colour a lot, so yes my hair is lilac in the next 2 photos. I also got the velvet chocker in white. Zaful now has it red as well, ahhh i'm super temped to get it!

Cone Rivet Wrap Necklace

My favourite choker out the 3~ it's a long suede piece that you wrap and tie up like a shoe lace for a cute ribbon bow. It has little silver spike details too. My course-mates were like "you look like a Tumblr girl now" lolol. This one is available in white, black and brown. I really liked the brown one, but white matches with everything so here we are with white~ :')

That's it for the items I got~ Quick overall review of the store - the quality of the items are a mix and not consistent, for example my romper was sheer. I would say most of the items are good, but you do have that risk. The pricing is affordable so you can keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank. Shipping was okay and arrived to the UK in 2 weeks.

If you want to check out the other items from Zaful you can go on They have thousands of items, so just a heads up you may spend a lot of time on the site. ^.<

*Items sponsored by: Zaful


  1. Zaful has such a lovely clothes, I really love this shop ❤️❤️❤️
    Have a lovely day sweetie! Xxx

    1. i literally spend hours on it! such cute item ^^

  2. The clothes so pretty♥ And love your makeup♥