Skort: ZanStyle

ZanStyle were lovely enough to send me a few of their clothing pieces to play around with and style. ZanStyle is a new online store that offers casual smart chic clothing. While i'm not much of a casual chic girl (unless when my job requires me to be), I did really like how simple and effortless their clothing pieces are. My favourite is the black panskirt! You can probably already guess why if you follow my fashion/outfit posts. ^.< I absolutely adore the rivet and side ribbon detailing! It's all about the small detailing and touches for me. The panskirt is actually shorts made to look like a skirt. The quality of the panskirt is nicely made too, so I do recommend this skort!

For a casual chic outfit, I would style the panskirt with a sky blue blouse. However, I have been into grunge fashion lately, so I decided to take approach it with a grungy touch by styling the panskirt with fishnet tights under. (Yes, I am major late but i've finally jumped onto the fishnet trend!) I think it the perfect combo and I utterly love how it looks! I've rocking it the pairing a lot.

Do you prefer casual chic outfits or edgy outfits? ^^

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Valley Girl
Top: New Look
Skort: ZanStyle
Tights: Primark


  1. Interesting image, fashionable for clubs!;)
    I have a new post, look!

    1. thank you! ^^ ahhh didnt think about wearing it to the club

  2. This outfit is so good! You look great :)

  3. really great outfit =) i like it