When I can't decide which colour I want to switch my hair to blonde is always my go to colour, as I can leave it as it is or add some colour later. Today i'm going to be using the Colour Mask Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf. It's the first hair mask colourant, designed like a hair mask for easy usage and for extra healthy shine. This line has actually been around for a while but with so many dyes on the market, I didn't get round to trying it until now. Let's get into the review to see how this mask dye performs differently from regular dyes!

► Product:

The box contains the standard colour cream, developer, hair treatment, instructions and gloves. The only difference is that the developer comes in a hair mask like tub instead of a bottle.

► Dying Process:

To mix the dye together you'll need to empty the colour cream into the developer cream tub and shake it up and down roughly for 30 seconds. It was fun shaking it but it also felt like doing a mini arm workout. Once finished shaking, you'll get a blue coloured dye that has a thick and creamy consistency. Then apply the dye throughout your entire hair and leave it to develop for 30 minutes. I found it very easy to apply as the dye didn't drip and it smelt pretty good. Lastly, rinse the dye off and pamper your hair with the shea butter conditioner after.

► Results: Hair Before Dying

My hair before was bleached blonde, with brassy roots and more yellow than the rest of my hair. The dye is actually recommended for those with naturally blonde hair as it only lifts up to 2 levels.

► Results: Hair After Dying

This is my hair after, a light platinum blonde. The colour matched the box pretty accurately, the dye made my hair shinier compared to other dyes. As for the shea butter conditioner, I think that it's very much like the other Schwarzkopf conditioners, but my hair does feel amazingly soft.

► Overall:

An interesting dye, with a creamy hair mask like texture. The consistency made application friendly and covered my hair evenly. The colour matches the swatches on the box. It's super affordable and conditions your hair nicely while it does it job. I really like this dye and think that it's under rated.

► Rating: 9/10