The bright coloured outfits continue! I thought I'd try a completely different style and colour out of my comfort zone with this peachy apricot jumper dress from Femme Luxe. I think the colour is fresh and fits well with the neon trend going on at the moment. My mum saw me wearing this outfit this morning and was like "WTF are you wearing?! 😂", while my mum doesn't approval of this look, I guess you could say it's quite the statement or attention-grabbing jumper. Perfect for keeping you warm in spring and give you that pop of colour. I would have loved to style the dress with a Gucci GG belt, so it would accentuate the waist and pull the outfit together. But my broke student ass doesn't have that kind of Gucci money nor do I really wear belts lol.

What colour are you repping for March?


  1. That apricot jumper dress from Femme Luxe looks soft, comfortable, stylish, and very fashionable and attractive being modelled by you -
    you are beautiful.
    Your eye-makeup and perfectly applied lipstick look very pretty.

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