New kid on the block spotted in Grand Central, Birmingham! I'm always on the hunt for new food places and thank god Birmingham the foodie city is never short of places with restaurants constantly coming and going. At Pizza recently opened a few weeks ago and I'm buzzing there is a brand new pizza dedicated restaurant with a fresh twist on it. Me and Sian Victoria checked it out as they were having an offer for the Bulling Shopping Affair event, keep reading to see all the goodness!

► Service:

The interior is right up my alley, the dark walls and bright neon lights are perfect for taking Instagram worthy photos and they give off a modern chic atmosphere. I absolutely loved the service there, the staff were all super friendly and hilarious. Personally, I love it when the staff have conversations with me as it makes the experience more welcoming and memorable. The layout of the counter reminds me of Subway, the ingredients are all laid out in the open so you can easily select your toppings.

► Drinks:

I forgot to take photos of the drinks individually, so you're going to have to deal with me posing cheesily with one. They have a soda machine with 6 carefully crafted unique flavours. In my hand, I'm holding my personal favourite one which is Mango and Blood Orange. Lightly fizzed, refreshing and not too sweet. The Peach and Honey Ice Tea is also to die for! The iced tea is a still drink but the other 5 flavours are fizzy sodas.

► Pizza!

Time for the star of this post, THE PIZZAAA! You can design your own pizza at the fixed price of £9.95 with as many or little toppings as you like. It's so much fun and perfect for indecisive eaters that want to devour everything like me! If you don't want to design your own pizza, they also have 7 set ones on the menu.

For my custom pizza I started off with a sourdough base, the superior pizza base, change my mind. I dare you! For the sauce you can pick one or two of your choice, I went for half roquito pepper sauce and half garlic and ricotta. The ricotta was so creamy, my mouth is literally watering thinking about it right now. As for cheese, I opted for the veganarella which surprisingly had a slightly stringy texture just like mozzarella! I love that they have an option for vegans. Whilst I'm not vegan, I'm lactose intolerant so its amazing @Pizza accommodates for people with all sorts of different dietary requirements. It was so hard choosing the toppings because I just wanted a bit of everything. In the end, my indecisive mind went for some pepperoni, fresh jalapeno, grilled red peppers, grilled red onion and kalamata olives. The ingredients were top-notch quality, fresh and flavourful. For the finishing touches, I added some sriracha sauce and garlic mayonnaise. You could be super healthy and finish it off with some salad or some more cheeky cheese, there are so many options for you to come up with some quirky combinations. 

► Dessert:

It was a challenge tackling that pizza but there's always room for dessert. We had a Tropococo sundae to share as the portion is quite big. It's made of mango and coconut menodiciotto gelato, pineapple, coconut, mango coulis, icing sugar, mascarpone, crushed Bischoff. This is perfect if you want something light and tropical, it reminded of Raffaello chocolates. They also have dessert pizzas, if you fancy having some more carbs. ^.<

► Overall:

It's safe to say @Pizza has the best pizza I've tried so far in Birmingham and I am definitely going back for more! It's such a nice restaurant to chill out at after shopping, the atmosphere is great and it does not feel like a fast food restaurant whatsoever. Making the custom pizza so was such a fun and personal experience. The food is top notch quality, I and Sian were saying how we felt healthy eating a pizza haha. I would go back for the Tropococo sundae alone.

► Restaurant Info:

If you would like to check out @Pizza for yourself, you can find them at:

Menu: Link

What are your favourite pizza toppings?


*Disclaimer: Meal was complimentary however it does not affect my opinions and I was under no obligation to review it (but I genuinely love the restaurant so I wanted to share and recommend them).

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