Does anyone else dread when their birthday is around the corner? I'm always torn between throwing a big penthouse party with loads of Insta pretty balloons or just keep it simple.

My indecisive brain ended up doing both anyway - why settle for one when you can have both right? Everyone deserves the most for their special day. 

For my 22nd birthday, I opted for this simple black little dress from I Saw It First. They've been absolutely killing the fashion game this year with all the Love Island sponsors! Can you believe the dress was only £5 too? Such a good bargain and find! The material is actually thick and good quality as well, so good job ISIW.

I'm usually very extra for my birthday but I left my shopping till the last minute, so this is what I get. I love the cute keyhole and bow wrap detailing, it makes a simple dress not as basic. Less is more really does apply to this dress.

The dress was great for a cute dinner and house party after - I did have to keep pulling my dress up every 10 minutes though, itty titty community problems aye. It's a versatile dress, so I definitely won't be only wearing this once. Does anyone else tend to wear outfits once for the gram and then that outfit never sees daylight again? I'm guilty of that but I'm currently trying to be more sustainable (and save money for a house!) by finding key clothing pieces.

Sadly the dress isn't available anymore but SheIn has some that are similar!

How do you usually celebrate your birthday? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Fantastic total black look!

  2. Your hair, eye-makeup and perfectly applied lipstick all look beautiful,
    and you looked gorgeous wearing the black bow wrap detailed black keyhole dress from I Saw it First!!!
    It is wonderful that similar dresses are also available at SheIn.
    I hope your birthday wishes have all been coming true!!!
    P.S.: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the lovely comment you left on my blog yesterday!!! xx <3
    P.P.S.: I am now following your blog, have subscribed to your YouTube channel, and will Follow your Twitter. All the best!!! xx <3 :D

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  3. Congratulations on your birthday! Beautiful dress and the whole image!