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After being in lockdown for the majority of 2020, our perception of time is all muddled up in the air these days. Who hasn’t lost their sense of time during the pandemic? The last 6 months have been a complete blur.

This bizarre experience has made me realise the true importance of grounding ourselves in time. Our sense of time plays an essential role in influencing our decisions and emotional wellbeing. During the last few weeks, I've been working on taking back control of my time to increase productivity and plan ahead to motivate myself through this intense period. I still have the time management skills of a carrot thanks to my ADHD, but I've found wearing a classic wrist watch by Nordgreen has been drastically helpful with valuing and keeping track of time. It also saves me from having to search my bag for my phone, which ends up becoming an uncalled-for distraction.

Besides the practicality, watches complete the look of an outfit and effortlessly add a touch of sophistication. When it comes to accessories, I like to opt for classic, minimal pieces as they compliment everything in your wardrobe. Nordgreen’s Scandinavian designs fully embrace simplicity and astounding craftsmanship, which is why I absolutely adore their watches. They’re also making strong moves in sustainability and are committed to supporting the challenges faced by our global community with their giving back program (i’ll touch on about later). 


They have 3 women collections:

  • Philosopher
  • Native
  • Infinity

Each style is unique but still maintains their core minimal design - a discreet logo and round face. It’s available in a variety of neutral colours (Silver, Gold, Rose-gold and Gun-metal) to suit all skin tones and personalities.

As a visionaire, I was immediately drawn to Philosopher due to the design thought behind it: ‘to celebrate our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now, and create a better future’. I particularly adore this design as it fuses timeless classic with contemporary chic. From afar, you may think the watch is rather basic, but when you examine it closer, you’ll notice and appreciate the remarkable level of detail. The conical shaped dial and elevated watch case draws your eyes to the center of the timepiece and gives the watch its unique look.


My favourite feature of a Nordgreen watch has got to be the interchangeable design! It lets me change the styling of the strap to match my outfit and create an entirely new look. Furthermore, I can save money and reduce consumption.

I opted for the beautifully crafted Gun-metal Mesh Strap and Black Leather Strap - these 2 are classic staple pieces that will compliment absolutely everything. I often wear bold vivid colours, so I needed straps that are suitable for any occasion. Although, I am currently thinking about adding the Pink Vegan Leather to my collection too. The pastel pink is so dreamy!

The straps are available in a wide range of colours with the option of genuine leather, vegan leather, metal mesh or nylon. 

For the mesh straps, an adjustment tool is included in the package so that you can adjust the strap to fit your wrist.


My wrist is quite tiny, so I'm wearing their 36mm timepiece. I’ve decided to dress up my Philosopher watch with a black puff sleeve blazer dress. Even with quite an extra outfit, the watch is still the star of the show. The watch goes just as well with everyday outfits.

I'd recommend pairing the watch with a dainty bangle!


As I mentioned before, Nordgreen has a fantastic programme to help people across the world and throughout the year. When you invest in Nordgreen, it’s not just a watch. You’re supporting an ethical and sustainable company with a strong vision to improve the world one watch at a time.

Every watch contributes to 1 of the following 3 global causes:
  • 1 month of clean water to a family in Africa
  • 2 months of free education to children in India
  • Preserve 200 sq ft of rain forest in Latin America


I’m really impressed with the Nordgreen Philosopher timepiece. Especially with the quality - it’s truly divine craftsmanship that is made to last and can be passed down to the next generation. The simple and aesthetically pleasing design has been very well thought out. It’s a very functional piece, Philosopher features a day stamp too. 

I utterly adore the ethos of the company and their mission - it’s just superb. On top of their sustainable production processes, they also have planted over thousands of trees.

With a variety of sophisticated colours and strap options, there’s something for everyone. It would make a fantastic gift for the minimalists or to simply treat yourself. You can check out Nordgreen’s womens collection here.

You can use the discount code 'MC' to get 15% off.

What are your thoughts regarding this watch and Nordgreen’s sustainable mission? I’d love to hear them in the comments below. 

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  1. Noble missions, nice watch design! I don't wear watches, get in the way of jewelry.