Huda Beauty's latest palette - New Nude launched on the 1st of November, just over two weeks ago and there are fake palettes quickly distributing around the market already! It's scary how quickly they can manufacture counterfeits and what's even scarier is there isn't one fake palette but 3! There's probably more but I'll show you the ones I've found, let's get right into comparing the real with the fakes. 

► Packaging

REAL: The box packaging is white, and the font is nude pink with gold outlines. As for the eyeshadow packaging, it's printed with a matte finish, "Nude" reflects a halo when it catches direct light and the Huda Beauty logo is also embossed like the rest of her rest palettes. The font colour for the Huda logo is gold on the original palette.

FAKE: The box packaging is silver with a shiny halo reflect. The font is also much smaller than the original. The eyeshadow packaging is printed in a shiny finish and it also reflects halo on the whole cover, not only on the word nude. The font colour for the word "Nude" isn't nude pink like the original, it's straight-up halo silver. As for the Huda logo, the font is a different colour from the original - Huda is in white and Beauty is in gold.

► Eyeshadow Shades

REAL: The original has stunning shimmers with large foil-like pieces, pressed glitters, mattes and a concealer. The colour theme is centred around cool-toned pinky mauves.

FAKE 1: This is the first one of the fake palettes, I would say they got the colours pretty close! It's only a little tad more vibrant. If the palette was all matte, it would be quite hard to differentiate the real from the fake. We know this one is a fake because the glitter and shimmer shades are completely off, I guess Huda's textured shadows are hard to replicate and using basic shimmers helps to cut the cost down.

They all have something that helps you to easily spot it's not legitimate.

Please be careful when purchasing makeup online on sites like eBay, if you are not buying from the official retailer's websites or their stockholders! If you can, always ask the seller if they still have the proof of purchase or if they could take photos of the palette inside so you can see what you're clearly getting. x

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic post. It is scary how many fakes there are out there. Super important to be able to tell the difference!