Teal sapphires are becoming increasingly popular in jewellery markets across the world, making them one of the top engagement ring trends of the past year. This unique gemstone exhibits two of nature’s most captivating colours; deep ocean blue and vivacious green. Tibetan Buddhists believe teal signifies the infinity of the sea and the sky, while for the ancient Egyptians, it represented truth and faith.

Since Australian Teal Sapphires are relativity new to the market, there is very little information on this precious stone, so today we’re diving into the world of teal sapphires!

What exactly is a teal sapphire?

This rare gem is a sibling stone to the classic blue sapphire. Prior to the discovery of teal sapphires, Montana sapphires were the main source. Fast forward to today, teal sapphires can be found in Australia, Cambodia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Thailand. They are ethically sourced due to mining restrictions.

Teal sapphires are created when the stone contains an equal mix of blue and green, with a hint of yellow. With the rarest and most valuable grade of teal sapphire made of a completely equal 50/50 blue-green combination.

Why do people consider teal sapphire special?

Teal sapphires are earthy, unique, and mystical. People consider this gemstone special due to its clarity. The first thing that one sees is inclusion - inclusion is anything that can be easily seen in the stone.


Sapphires are an incredibly durable gemstone, making them ideal for everyday wear. You will be glad to know that this Sapphire ranks 9 out of 10 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale. Meaning they’re the second hardest, natural stone next to diamonds. You can be confident sapphire is sturdy enough to withstand a lifetime of wear.

Things to look out for before purchasing this gemstone:

To ensure the gem is real, you’ll need to expose it to light. It should always have a teal, deep bluish-green or greenish-blue hue to it. In rare cases, your stone may have a colour-changing or colour shiting effect. If this ever occurs, then you make sure to invest in it, as it‘s a valuable gem.

Should have a perfect cut

Symmetry is everything when it comes to picking the perfect teal sapphire. Choose a stone that has been perfectly cut for the highest possible quality.

The cut of the stone has a significant impact on the beauty of the stone too. Research says that an oval cut is the most ideal shape to truly showcase the colours and shades. Whereas other cuts may make the stone appear darker.

Properly reflect light

Another important thing to look out for is that it should perfectly reflect the light. The teal should be sparkling or shining. Your stone should have large windows. You can refer to the centre of the stone as the window. When a stone has a window the light transmits right through it.

The gemstone’s colour doesn’t change when it's exposed to light. Although natural and artificial lights will have different effects on this stone. Natural lighting conditions make the gem look the best.

Have smooth surface

When looking at sapphires, you’ll want to make sure it has a polished or smooth surface. A gemstone with bumps will not be pleasing to the eye or ideal. You won’t want to add that to your jewellery collection.

So that's it for teal sapphires, hopefully, this article will help you find the stone of your dreams.


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