Hot pot to the Chinese is what Fondue Savoyarde is to the French, a merry ritual renowned for its social aspect. Sharing is the name of the game: dole out the cooked meat to your friends and don’t bogart the shrimp paste!

Haidilao’s contemporary marble interior oozes class. Their iPad menus further adds to the premium experience.

You can choose up to 4 broths from the 8 available. The beef tallow spicy and mala spicy are essentials! Chicken and mushrooms are good but not as flavourful as other broths I’ve tried. Tomato is bang on point. Pickled Chinese cabbage is a little too sour. Still need to try the laksa and sukiyaki.


🐠 Seafood platter (King prawns, mussels, fresh scallops, boneless basa fish and squid)
🦐 Smashed shrimp paste with seaweed
🥩 Sliced beef sirloin
🩸Blood tofu
🫔 Dry tofu rolls
🍜 Hand-pulled noodles. *Includes a little noodle dance when dishing up.

Their superior service is ✨ flawless ✨. From complimentary snacks, and disposable toothbrushes to high-tech smart toilets and more. They’ve nailed down the details to the tea. Hello, other restaurants please take notes. ‼️

Although, I wish they had the capacity to provide manicures and board games like their London counterparts.

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