🥘 This lamb hotpot speciality just hits the spot. Their broths are so incredibly flavourful, it literally warms your soul. We opted for three flavours to mix up the variety - Nourishing Marrow Chicken Broth, Spicy Marrow Chicken Broth, and Spicy Sour Pickled Cabbage Broth. Usually, spicy broths are my favourite, but the OG Marrow Broth was Chef’s kiss. Simmered for over 6 hours, it was super creamy and paired wonderfully with all of the meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles etc.

🦐 Need I say, the food presentation was immaculate. I mean look at the Seafood Platter and Beef + Lamb Slices. All the ingredients were fresh and high quality.

🥩 My favourite picks and top recommendations are: Prime Sirloin Beef, Lamb Shoulder, Fresh Thick Noodles (super chewy once cooked), BBQ Lamb Skewers (these are fresh off the grill and ready to eat. Don’t make the same silly mistake as me, where I dipped them into the broth lol) and their homemade plum juice. Have to throw in some Tofu and Enoki Mushrooms too.

🌟 I appreciate they don’t have a time limit because we really took our sweet time devouring everything and cooking at our own pace. The staff were so welcoming and attentive, I want to go back already!

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